Pictured: Kseniya Thomas giving a lecture at the

Phoenix Goose. Photo by Jennifer Farrell,

who also presented.

{Example Program}

Below is part of a program from a Wayzgoose put on by Mike O'Connor and Cindy & Gary Iverson, which occurred June 6 - 9, 2013, and was hosted in Chandler and Prescott, Arizona.



Printing for Profit with Handset Type | Farrell

In an age when digital typesetting all but rules the commercial printing world, Starshaped Press produces contemporary work entirely with metal and wood type. The goal of the studio is to demonstrate the strengths of antique typefaces and to keep the artform alive. The computer, indispensable to modern graphic designers, takes on a minor role akin to a sketchbook; most of the design work takes place at the typecase. A presentation would consist of sharing samples of jobs from the original layout and problem solving, form and makeready, as well as the final printed pieces.



Phantom of the Archives | Kent

Amalgamated Printers' Association Archivist David Kent will tell about some of the early “characters” in APA, starting off by introducing the Phantom Member, #344, “The Great Pildic.” Then, Exceeding the Limits -- Richard Ulrich’s “The Gobboon.” He’ll explore the dark side of Ralph Babcock’s “Bullmoose Scarlet Cockerel.”  APA has a Censorship File and it will be opened. Then, “What activity requirement?” -- the saga of Mike O’Connor. He’ll also tell you how you can use the APA archives to mount your own exhibit...and more!



The Mysteries of Type Alignment | Shipley

One of the most critical issues in making good type is getting the alignment right. We’ve all seen or used type that was poorley aligned -- it looks wretched, and there’s no way to fix it. Here is a narrated one-hour slide show on type alignment from a typefounder’s perspective, describing and illustrating the three different units of measure, what defines perfect alignment, and how this is accomplished in a type foundry.



Kiss and Punch: How Ladies Put the Life Back

in Letterpress | Thomas

Ever curious how ladies saved letterpress from the jaws of obscurity? Kseniya Thomas, owner of Thomas-Printers and co-founder of Ladies of Letterpress, will explore how this happened, talk about Ladies of Letterpress’ origin and mission, and lob some guesses about where all this letterpress might lead.



Morris Fuller Benton, Type Designer -- Fact or Fiction? | Von Holdt

Presenter Rick von Holdt contends that M. F. Benton probably

“designed” very few, if any, of the typefaces originated by the American Type Founders that are credited to him. He believes that he merely headed and oversaw the design department that worked as teams to create and draw them. Open discussion invited.