What is this site? 


A creation in cyberspace.


What is its identity?


It is named for the donor of:

The David L. Kent Letterpress & Calligraphy Collection at the University of Florida.

The David L. Kent Freethought Collection at Pittsburg State University.


What is the purpose of this site?


To render accessible a database of thousands of books, articles, reviews, essays, and such ephemerae as amphigouris, macaronics, pasquinades, squibs, lampoons, onomastic and linguistic studies, and miscellaneous feux d'artifice -- comprised of original content not elsewhere available.




Specify a topic of interest to you -- for example, Bogus Genealogy, Atheism, Printing, Forgery, Anarchism, Slang, Homeschooling -- and provide a mailing address. You will receive a selection of material treating that topic.




None. Live while you are alive. Your email address will be discarded. Your mailing address will be used only for mailing the copies requested.